My Fantasy Awards Booking 2016

Let’s have a brief bit of fun.

Back at the start of January, just before the Oscars revealed their nominations slate for the year, my good Internet friend Kyle Turner went ahead and published his own little fantasy list of what he would have filled the awards categories with had anybody with authority bothered to ask him to contribute his (mostly) correct opinions.  It was a nice little read and it led me to wonder why I hadn’t tried anything like that.  I mean, yeah, I did some Awards during my endless year-end wrap-up series, but they weren’t exactly ‘professional’.

So, since it might be a fun little timewaster for myself that gets some fresh content up on this site, I’ve chosen to basically rip Kyle off and give you my fantasy awards booking.  If you’ve read my 2015 round-up pieces, checked my Twitter, or listened to Screen 1 – Mondays at 2PM on Hullfire Radio or Tuesdays at 6PM on West Hull FM – then you’ll know why these categories look the way they do.  I shan’t be giving detailed descriptions as to each category or who’d win, in any case, since this is just a fun little exercise rather than anything meaningful, much like awards ceremonies themselves!  Just know that, should any awards body had ever wanted to solicit my opinions on anything, this is how I would have voted this year.

Yes, I know that this is long after any of you stopped giving a shit, but if everybody else – even the sodding BAFTAs, the preview piece of which shall be up Tuesday or Wednesday, sorry for its lateness – is going to include all of the Awards Season movies that don’t make it to British shores until January of the year after the awards are supposed to honour, then, by Jove, I shall too!

Best Picture

Inside Out
Mad Max: Fury Road
Magic Mike XXL
Shaun The Sheep Movie
The Big Short
The Look Of Silence

Best Director

Denis Villenueve Sicario
George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road
Marjane Satrapi The Voices
Ryan Coogler Creed
Todd Haynes Carol

Best Actor

Benicio del Toro Alejandro Sicario
Jacob Tremblay Jack Newsom Room
Michael B. Jordan Adonis Johnson Creed
Ryan Reynolds Jerry Hickfang The Voices
Samuel L. Jackson Major Marquis Warren The Hateful Eight

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett Carol Aird Carol
Charlize Theron Imperator Furiosa Mad Max: Fury Road
Charlotte Rampling Kate Mercer 45 Years
Emily Blunt Kate Macer Sicario
Rooney Mara Therese Belivet Carol

Best Supporting Actor

Jason Bateman Simon Callum The Gift
Jason Mitchell Eazy-E Straight Outta Compton
Josh Brolin Matt Graver Sicario
Seth Rogen Steve Wozniack Steve Jobs
Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa Creed

Best Supporting Actress

Alicia Vikander Gabriella Teller The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Jada Pinkett Smith Rome Magic Mike XXL
Jennifer Jason Leigh Daisy Domergue The Hateful Eight
Mya Taylor Alexandra Tangerine
Phyllis Smith Sadness Inside Out

Best Original Screenplay

Ex Machina Alex Garland
Inside Out Pete Docter & Ronnie del Carmen (story), Pete Docter and Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley (screenplay)
Sicario Taylor Sheridan
The Hateful Eight Quentin Tarantino
The Voices Michael R. Perry

Best Adapted Screenplay

Carol Phyllis Nagy
Creed Ryan Coogler (story), Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington (screenplay)
Phoenix Christian Petzold and Harun Farocki
Room Emma Donoghue
Steve Jobs Aaron Sorkin

Best Animated Film

Inside Out
Shaun the Sheep Movie
The Peanuts Movie
World of Tomorrow

Best Cinematography

Carol Edward Lachman
Mad Max: Fury Road John Seale
Shaun the Sheep Movie Charles Copping and Dave Alex Riddett
Sicario Roger Deakins
The Revenant Emmanuel Lubezki

Best Original Score

Inside Out Michael Giacchino
Mad Max: Fury Road Junkie XL
Shaun the Sheep Movie Ilan Eshkeri
Sicario Jóhann Jóhannsson
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Daniel Pemberton

Best Documentary

Listen To Me Marlon
The Look of Silence

Best Production Design

Crimson Peak Thomas E. Sanders
Mad Max: Fury Road Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson
Room Ethan Tobman
The Martian Celia Bobak and Arthur Max
The Voices Udo Kramer

Best Costume Design

Carol Sandy Powell
Cinderella Sandy Powell
Mad Max: Fury Road Jenny Beavan
The Dressmaker Marion Boyce and Margot Wilson
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Joanna Johnston

Best Editing

Crimson Peak Bernat Vilaplana
Mad Max: Fury Road Margaret Sixel
Magic Mike XXL Mary Ann Bernard
Spy Melissa Bretherton and Brent White
The Big Short Hank Corwin

Best Foreign Language Film

The Look of Silence

Got a fantasy awards nominations slate of your own?  Drop it or link it in the comments below!

Callie Petch came to see her fall, oh oh.

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