Screen 1 (06/06/2016)

The end is nigh, but before Callum and Lucy can put out their 75th and final show, they have to deal with the 74th and penultimate episode first. There’s a long, detailed breakdown of why Me Before You is offensively awful trash that’s not worth getting worked up over, tired sighing over the second Adam Sandler Netflix film, The Do-Over, and relentless shrugging of shoulders over Special Correspondents. The pair also address the stupid sexism of an X-Men: Apocalypse billboard, theorise that the Skarsgårds are clones grown in a lab, and are horrified by the prospect of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott covering the Ghostbusters theme.

The final Screen 1 airs live on Hullfire Radio on Monday June 13th at
You can also hear it on West Hull FM on Tuesday June 14th at 6PM!
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