Screen 1 (23/06/2016)

Finally, the time has come.  After 75 episodes ostensibly about movie-related discussions, Callie and Lucy say farewell to Screen 1, and the pair are going out in style!  Lucy is exposed to a ripped J.K. Simmons, complains about her self-performed haircut, and claims that Freaks & Geeks is based on her life; Callie finally gets revenge for being exposed to The Black Eyed Peas 25 shows ago, and things get all too sappy in the final 20 minutes.  The show is almost three hours long, because self-indulgence is all the rage in grand finales!

There is also the return of Movies You Might’ve Missed, a brief Summer Movie Preview, and reviews of The Boss, Mother’s Day, Gods Of Egypt, Janis: Little Girl Blue, a re-review of Green Room, and an early review of The Secret Life of Pets for those of you who want actual movie discussion content on this show.

Thanks to everybody who has ever listened to us. We love you all.

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