clipping. – There Existed an Addiction to Blood

The third official clipping. album is the project’s best yet but still finds them frustratingly far from true greatness.

“There Existed an Addiction to Blood is easily the group’s best full-length project to date, the highs being higher than ever and the lows not being as much of an active chore to listen to – well, perhaps aside from “Piano Burning” which I highly doubt many people are going to voluntarily listen all the way through more than once.  Those highs are truly excellent, the sound of clipping. finally evolving into the best possible version of themselves, but they seem frustratingly unable to sustain that level of control for more than a few tracks at a time, with the last third of the album aside from “Blood of the Fang” taking a real nosedive in quality.  Sitting with this record for the past few weeks has seen it alternately grow and sink in my estimations from my frustrated first listen, every part that ended up eventually clicking being counterbalanced by a new part that stopped working for me.  Nevertheless, it’s a solid record on the whole, those standout moments doing a lot of the heavy lifting, and it’s the strongest evidence yet that clipping. are definitely capable of making a truly great record someday.  That day is not today, but hopefully that day shall come.”

Full review exclusively over at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch, oh they dead.

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