Charlie’s Angels

The new Charlie’s Angels, like far too many other films this year, is not unenjoyable but has barely anything going on under the surface.

“Just so we’re clear, writing this review is bumming me the heck out. I really wanted to like the new Charlie’s Angels, so starved is my queer feminist ass for quality fun mainstream female action movies that I will try and silence as many blaring red lights as possible in my efforts to try and enjoy whatever gruel is presented to me. And whilst much of the positives are the definition of damning with faint praise – Banks’ action direction is serviceable although she’s not great at storytelling within said action scenes (which is crucial during a final fight that’s meant to be a culmination of stuff we’ve learned during recurring bouts throughout the movie), the two Stewarts are really fun, the film does get better after a truly terrible opening 15 minutes – I did at least find the experience of watching the film not unpleasant. But there’s just… nothing much here, which I could forgive if the movie excelled in any particular area: had fantastic action scenes instead of solid ones, a tangible sense of fun rather than random comic bursts that mostly landed to deafening silence in my screening, or characters with chemistry whose company was fun to hang out in…

Charlie’s Angels, like far too many other big movies from this past year, disappointingly acts like its mere existence is justification enough. Rather than represent an empowering step forward for the franchise, it’s more akin to a self-satisfied side-shuffle in place.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

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