Live Review: Primal Scream – Asylum, Hull [4th December 2019]

Everybody do the standing still.

“As the home stretch kicks in, the thought occurs that maybe the concept of a Greatest Hits tour for Primal Scream is fundamentally flawed.  Theoretically, it’s really sound.  For a band with such a relentless varied discography, this allows everybody to hear a bunch of the most famous cuts from their personal favourite incarnations of the Scream, often unfairly underrated recent cuts get a chance to be recontextualised as part of the broader career arc, and nobody has to stand around pretending for a third of the set that they’re here for the new stuff.  In practice, there’s a tangible lack of connection from the crowd to almost anything released post-1997 – aside from the unwelcome appearance of not one but two Riot City Blues cuts, which I hope Gillespie doesn’t take as a sign that he needs to get back into extremely bad Rolling Stones rip-offs again.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

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