Live Review: MUNA – Brudenell Community Room, Leeds [8th December 2019]

Oh my God, like, Leeds are their number one fans.

“And that’s what made this gig so magical.  Sure, this was a crowd which wanted it to be a special gig and, yeah, the band themselves were giving it their all and played expertly to their devoted, but that indescribable something in the air felt completely natural.  This euphoric sensation that everybody was having the best time they could have right now watching a band putting it so together that surely a room like this cannot contain them for much longer.  That their ascent has just begun and the sky feels like the utter limit which I can tell just from looking at the emotional faces of many in the crowd (including my own, ngl) during transcendent autobiographical closer ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay, Baby’ this is a band which already means the world to so many.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

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