Live Review: Little Simz – Stylus, Leeds [11th December 2019]

“Listening to new sounds of Little Simz!  Little Slimz!”

“…it is evident from the second [Simz] confidently strolls onto stage with a megaphone in hand to rattle through “Boss” that this is a hard-earned victory celebration of a show.  There’s a twinkle in her eye and a specially teasing manner with which she delivers the “ya little bitch” accent during the chorus in her distinctive North London bark which whips the crowd into a fervour from which it doesn’t subside until post-encore.  No matter how much she tries to disappear into the character behind each song, she can’t disguise her intermittent grins and disbelieving snickers at hearing a packed room of fans finally yelling back choruses and, in some cases, entire verses.  This is her time and she is clearly revelling in that fact.  Her show has been designed to function as everything coming full-circle – at about the midpoint, she talks to the crowd about first playing a tiny basement in Leeds five years ago where she estimates 10 people total turned up, and now she’s sold out the Stylus.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

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