Uncut Gems

Its abrasive overload may not be for everyone, but Uncut Gems is one of 2019’s best films regardless.

“Question for you: have you ever had a nightmare?  Specifically, have you ever had the kind of nightmare where everything is going wrong and a whole bunch of very loud and very angry monsters are relentlessly chasing you and you can’t make it stop for even a second no matter how loud you scream and you’re compulsively making the absolute worst possible decisions and you keep only just avoiding the inevitable outcome where everything collapses on top of you until very suddenly and unceremoniously you don’t?  You know that nightmare, the one that causes you to wake up in cold sweats and feel paranoidly unsettled for several hours afterwards regardless of age?  Yeah, that one.  OK, that’s Uncut Gems.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch has been in love with her for ages.

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