Three to Stream: 11/04/20

A heartfelt documentary, a gleaming debut album, and a wrestling match that is genuine art.

“Oh, how I hate Trackmania: Turbo.  OK, that’s not entirely true, since Trackmania is an impeccably designed racing platformer to such a degree where every fuck-up is one’s own damn fault and every stage can be bested through repetition and perseverance, like Super Meat Boy on wheels.  What I really hate are my own perfectionist tendencies, refusing to finish a stage with anything less than a gold medal time cos my brain has apparently been coded to self-flagellate for ever and ever, and whichever monster made the unforgivable progression decision to force the player to get gold medal times in every stage otherwise they can’t play past a certain point.  I thought we left this Guitar Hero-ass artificial gating system back in the 2000s where it belonged!  Stupid lockdown nudging me back into Trackmania to get all angry again.”

Full article exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch is afraid of winding up alone.

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