TENET is a smug, dull, headache-inducing load of sound and fury signifying sod all.

“At the very least, even if his films have been feeling less and less essential as the decade has rolled on, these weirdly defensive projects remained interesting to watch.  Unfortunately, that particular trait is nowhere to be found in his newest work.  TENET functions as Nolan’s response to that Honest Trailer for “Every Christopher Nolan Movie” which made the rounds a few years back where he, for some inexplicable reason, has put together exactly the movie his critics have always accused him of making.  TENET is needlessly obfuscating, drearily self-serious and in love with its own trumpeted cleverness, emotionally dead, lacking in any characters or depth, filled with the absolute clunkiest of dialogue, mixed like you’re trying to listen in on an argument between two theoretical physicists whilst stuck in the middle of a whirring jet turbine, and about absolutely nothing but its own damn self.  It’s sort of the moviemaking equivalent of burning your Nikes to own the libs, or when your favourite band releases an album that intentionally paints them as everything their staunchest critics have accused them of being.  Much, much, much worse than any of that, however, Christopher Nolan has made his first boring movie.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch’s time is running out.

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