Mic the Snare on YouTube, Artistic Growth, and Mental Health as a Content Creator

Hey, folks!  I may yet to have finished any of the Listmas-specific content I promised you back in December, but I have managed to come through with the “something pretty cool (to me)” bit at least!  I recently got to have a chat with music-focussed video essayist Mic the Snare (real name: Nick Canovas) about his creative process, rising YouTube profile, and trying to balance mental health in the face of growing online fame and also 2020’s burning hellworld.  He’s been one of my favourite little discoveries this past year, with his infectious, idiosyncratic, positive and passionate personality being a real balm in an online sphere that has just been so HOT-TAKE DISCOURSE driven and angry for seemingly all of 2020.  I think the interview turned out real well and would love if you checked it out even if you have no idea who he is or no interest in “YouTubers” in general.

Full article exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch had no money for a weekend.

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