Sweat is an affecting and empathetic portrayal of loneliness in the social media age, albeit one which stumbles when applying that same eye towards stalking.

“von Horn visually communicates that loneliness with an intimate yet cold and (thankfully) sexless camera.  One that’s often physically close and fixated on facial close-ups, but never fully gives itself over to the potential emotion of the situation.  There’s some kind of remove, some distancing observation effect which isolates Sylwia physically in a scene much like how she feels emotionally isolated every time she’s not switched-on for the ‘Gram.  It works excellently, much more so than the usual physically distant austere camerawork found in many Polish dramas, and carefully considered by cinematographer Michal Dymek.  It enhances the lack of connection and intimacy Sylwia feels, how tightly into her own head she gets when working out and the brief release it brings, and also how the world never really sees her as a person – instead a brand, or an idol, or an outlet to vent about their own traumas, or an attractive piece of meat to jerk to or try and fuck – without becoming overbearing or exploitative.”

Full review exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch’s joker with that funny laugh is digging through the basement of their past.

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