Live Review: beabadoobee – Beckett Student’s Union, Leeds [9th September 2021]

beabadoobee returns to the live stage with confidence, purpose, and a feverish crowd.

“Fortunately, tonight, with a crowd so gagging for her to play that they screech their lungs out when she peeks her head out to the balcony for a few seconds at night’s start, goes significantly better.  After opening with Space Cadet standout “Sun More Often,” a choice hard not to read as a cheeky retaliation to the past 18 months where the vast majority of us couldn’t “go out and see the sun more often,” Bea and her band barrel into the three big up-tempo singles from debut LP Fake It Flowers – “Care,” “Dye It Red,” and “Together” – one after another after another.  That record functioned as a tying-off of beabadoobee mk. 1, collecting together the various aesthetic dresses she’d worn across the three-EP run leading up whilst supercharging both the songwriting and production so that they’d feel much more at home in environments like this rather than solo streaming.  As the first mosh pit enthusiastically collapses in on itself during the stop-start chorus of “Care,” it’s fair to say that Bea’s music has certainly graduated up a few levels between our last encounter.”

Full review exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine [link].

Callie Petch hates what this song is about.

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