Ride the Eagle

Ride the Eagle is a pleasant vibey piece of COVID filmmaking that never quite manages to become an interesting, affecting, or all that funny narrative film.

“The COVID-19 pandemic films continue apace.  We’ve already been inundated with movies and TV shows either about or conspicuously tailored around the restrictions endemic to making a piece of fictional art whilst a worldwide viral plague goes about shutting everything down – a non-comprehensive list: Host, Malcolm & Marie, Locked Down, Together, Songbird, Staged, Copshop, The End of Us, the Homemade anthology – and that tidal wave shows no signs of slowing up any time soon, in spite of the fact that only Copshop and Staged (plus maybe Host if you weren’t hung up on Unfriended having already done that premise pretty darn well) were actually any good.  But I get the compulsion in all these filmmakers who have and will continue to make quarantine/pandemic movies.  Remaining forcibly locked up and isolated for so long with no end date in sight, one gets restless and starts to feel bad about not channelling that energy into something other than new Personal Bests for the time it takes to scarf down an entire Pringles barrel.  If you have the financial stability and technical means to make a movie in order to pass the time and get that nagging creative energy out of your system, why not go for it?”

Full review exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch is a Charlie Parker love song.

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