Callie Petch at BFI London Film Festival 2021: Miscellaneous Posts

The non-Dispatch pieces so far.

“Callie, where are all those London Film Festival dispatches you’d promised were gonna be going up during and soon after the Festival ended?  It’s been nearly a fortnight!”

I’m working on them.  As mentioned, the dispatches are Soundsphere exclusive until two weeks after I get all of them finished and the process of getting them finished has been… tortured up to now, let’s go with that.  I estimate they’ll be done with at the very latest by 12th November – a.k.a. the kick-off of Desert Bus for Hope 2021 – and therefore posted on here by the end of the following week.  If you can’t wait until then and would like to know my thoughts on The French Dispatch and The Harder They Fall, plus many others not yet finished/posted, you can head over to this link of all relevant tagged articles on Soundsphere and read them there.  Apologies for taking so long.  It has been rough going, both the Festival itself and the aftermath of said, and I’m doing the best I can to pull through.

In better news, however, I am officially a nationally-published author!  Somehow!  Thanks to my BFI Critics Mentorship placement, I’ve gotten LFF-related articles published on both Little White Lies and the BFI website as well as made on appearance on the Little White Lies podcast, Truth & Movies.  Naturally, I cannot re-post any of those pieces onto this website but I can at least link to them here since I highly doubt any of you are the kind to Google-scour my name to see where it magically pops up.  So, let’s do that!

For the BFI, I wrote about Mamoru Hosada’s absolutely spellbinding and empathetically beautiful Beauty and the Beast update, Belle.  Do not miss that one when it releases next year, trust me.

For Little White Lies, my perverse interest in both pandemic-era productions and ScreenLife-esque movies led me to writer-director Natalie Morales’ surprisingly lovely platonic romance-drama Language Lessons.

And for Truth & Movies, I got to discuss Jane Campion’s excellent psychological Western The Power of the Dog, Mike Mills’ disappointing C’mon C’mon, and some of the Critics Mentorship experience in general.  You can stream and download the episode below.

Finally, salt of the earth Amon Warmann conspired with all of my LFF friends to successfully bully me back onto Twitter.  I won’t be using it much, but feel free to follow me on there regardless for media takes, work pimping, occasional dives into The Discourse, and lots of vinyl and cat/dog pics.  I’m @CalliePetch, a handle I’m amazed wasn’t already taken.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully talk soon.

Callie Petch put in so much leg work that their fuckin’ legs hurt.

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