CJ Hunt on White Supremacy Documentary The Neutral Ground

The Daily Show-featured comedian on his debut directorial feature, busting ingrained White Supremacy myths, and the global parallels in a film about Confederate statues.

Back at the London Film Festival, myself and Kelechi Ehenulo got the privilege of speaking to comedian and documentarian CJ Hunt, with his producer Jane Geisler, about his outstanding film, The Neutral Ground.  As previously alluded to, I’ve had to sit on this 90 minute conversation for a couple of months whilst waiting for the film to get a UK release since I was determined to get this published somewhere that’d pay money for the write-up.  Now, with the film having released on digital VOD services in late December, I’m finally able to share a condensed prose-written version of that extensive interview.  We talked about the film’s gradual scope-creep from a YouTube short to a full feature-film, edutainment handling in refuting White Supremacist narratives, racial double-standards regarding personal reveals in documentary filmmaking, residual trauma from being a part of the Charlottesville riots, and so much more.  I’m extremely proud of how this turned out, and you can read the article over at the BFI.

Massive indescribable levels of thanks to Kelechi for doing this interview with me.  She was a vital reason as to why Hunt opened up as much as he did and this article would not have been as strong as it is without her input.  Go follow her blog and hire her for more paid work!

Full article exclusively at the BFI (link).

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