Hive is a solid-enough ode to Kosovo’s grieving women but lacks unique flair.

“As it stands in this execution, the ajvar half of the film’s narrative feels more than a little undercooked and disconnected, a way for Basholli to try and put off resolving the emotional maelstrom Fahrije feels towards her missing husband.  Admittedly, that’s kind of exactly what Fahrije does in-film which is fitting, but means that the two thematic tracks don’t fully flow in the intended manner.  We’re ultimately following the narrative beats and pacing one would expect in a movie like this without a lot of flair designed to offset that ‘international film festival cred’ sensation, although a quietly sensational final scene successfully pulls things back across the cynicism line at the last moment.  Right up to the end, Gashi’s soulful performance keeps Hive powering along.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch has seen this film before and they didn’t like the ending.

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