The Territory

Alex Pritz presents an urgent call-to-action in the form of a documentary thriller.

“Pritz arranges his – and, later, Tangãi Uru-eu-wau-wau’s once the tribe begin to take matters into their own hands with their own media advocacy crew – footage with the propulsion, tension and urgency of a thriller.  There are alternately gorgeous and haunting images of the rainforest in both its natural beauty and its devastating destruction.  One early drone shot manages to capture both extremes at the same time as it rises over the luscious plant-life of the tribe lands to survey the burned-out greying deforestation not too far away from where the group are currently stationed, cut along fine regimented lines.  Katya Mihailora’s score often rides an escalating beat to emphasise the ticking clock nature of the situation, incorporating vocal noises which are almost tribal.  It’s all undoubtedly effective, even before taking into account the death threats and fatal acts of violence inflicted upon those just trying to live and those just trying to advocate for their right to live.”

Full review exclusively on Soundsphere (link).

Callie Petch is doing this for revenge!

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