Callie Petch at BFI London Film Festival 2022: My Father’s Dragon

Cartoon Saloon return with a poignant tale of a boy who sets out on a quest to find a dragon in peril.

“There may not be as much to chew on here as with Wolfwalkers, at least on first watch, but that doesn’t mean My Father’s Dragon lacks moments of transcendence. Few other animation collectives working today are this good at executing the traditional fundamentals of storytelling like Cartoon Saloon can, utilising layout and boarding in such a way that being pulled into their worlds is such an irresistible prospect.

And yes, My Father’s Dragon builds up to a cathartic climax that wrests fully earned tears of joy. Cartoon Saloon are now 5 for 5, arguably the best feature animation studio in the world today, and still resolutely old-fashioned in a field of their own. Long may they continue to reign.”

Full review exclusively at Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch will say anything if it keeps you here.


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