Callie Petch at BFI London Film Festival 2022: I LOVE MY DAD

A father impersonates a young woman online in a bid to get closer to his son in James Morosini’s promising but frustrating debut.

“Unfortunately, I Love My Dad also has a potent sentimentalist streak and it’s one that overtakes the last half-hour. Morosini’s screenplay is unable or unwilling to fully reckon with the potential catastrophic effects that Chuck’s manipulation could have on Franklin’s near-suicidal mental state, playing the non-romantic parts of the bonding between Chuck-Becca and Franklin almost completely straight. For as much as Chuck-Becca can function as a commentary on the ways in which men create idealised versions of women who can save them, the movie at large has a worrying disinterest in the autonomy of the women in both mens’ lives, most evident in the climax when the real Becca is discarded almost immediately after the reveal has served its purpose. (Not to mention a similar usage of another woman in the epilogue beat.)”

Full review exclusively on Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch‘s desire, their right to choose or refuse this encounter.


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