Chris Butler on ParaNorman: “We wanted it to feel like a rollercoaster”

The co-director of the weird and wonderful stop motion modern classic ParaNorman reflects on the film’s legacy a decade later.

“Ten years ago, Laika Studios cemented their status as stop-motion animation pioneers with their second-feature, ParaNorman.  A family horror-comedy about a young outcast who can commune with ghosts and has to stop a curse connected to his sleepy Massachusetts town’s disturbing witch trial past, the outstanding film was one of 2012’s finest, animated or otherwise.  Ambitiously tactile and askew in its distinctive animation and designs, uniquely mature and honestly heavy in its storytelling.

Ahead of a new 4K anniversary theatrical re-release, co-director Chris Butler graciously hopped onto Zoom to discuss the unfinished pitch that got him the greenlight, the challenges of metaphorically balancing tone and literally balancing puppets, and the important queer milestone of one Mitch Downe.”

Full article exclusively on Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch can see both islands now.


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