25 Years of UK Garage

What should have been an illuminating and entertaining look at an influential and beloved strain of dance music is instead a sloppily-made and myopic waste of time.

“In short (and most obviously), the best music documentaries are the ones where you come out of them having learned something new regardless of your knowledge going in.  With 25 Years of UK Garage, the latest feature from Terry Stone & Richard Turner, my experience watching what I had assumed would be an interesting and educational documentary about, well, 25 years of UK Garage was instead akin to standing on the outside of an exclusive circle of middle-aged school friends reminiscing about their youths with no interest in inviting anyone else in or explaining their in-jokes.  In fact, I would borderline accuse 25 Years of UK Garage of false advertising since this 95-minute documentary has almost no time dedicated to discussing, explaining, or coherently charting the history of the music which made up UK Garage.  If you don’t already know your MC Neats from your MC Harveys, or your DJ Majestics from your DJ PDSs, then good luck figuring out why they’re even here let alone who came on the scene first and had the bigger hand in shaping the music.”

Full review exclusively at Soundsphere Magazine (link).
25 Years of UK Garage is available to buy now on Digital.

Callie Petch has got 21 seconds to go.


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