The Non-Binary Subtext of Wolfwalkers

The twin journeys of Robyn and Mebh toward self-acceptance reflect the real-life journey of many queer and gender-nonconforming people toward embracing their identity.

“But whilst Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart’s film is specifically focussed on that Irish cultural history, what most resonated with me were how those same artistic and narrative techniques transferred over naturally to the non-binary subtext Wolfwalkers also carries. The story of and relationship between English townie Robyn and Irish wolfwalker Mebh finds applicability with that of a young child unable to fit in with society’s expectations and rigidly enforced gender roles who discovers – when exposed to alternative viewpoints and similar children who have managed to actualise their sense of self – and later accepts their nascent queerness.”

Full article exclusively on Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch is standing in the Wendy’s drive-thru screaming “fuck all the transphobes!”

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