Callie Petch at BFI London Film Festival 2022: Whisper Networks in Films

She Said, Call Jane, Hidden Letters and Women Talking form a quartet that depicts how women have worked to create their own means of rebelling against abuses from the patriarchy.

“Over the last half-decade, the wider social ramifications of the #MeToo movement, plus an accompanying backlash which also acts as evidence of #MeToo’s necessity, have frequently been at the forefront of female creatives in film and television. At the 2022 London Film Festival, three major awards season hopefuls and a niche documentary – Phyllis Nagy’s Call Jane, Sarah Polley’s Women Talking, Maria Schrader’s She Said, and Violet Du Feng’s Hidden Letters respectively – all provided complimentary examinations on the concept of ‘whisper networks’ – usually informal groups where private information and resources exchanged between women in secret for their own protection.”

Full article exclusively on Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch is sinking deeper.


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