Why Jackass Forever Deserves the Best Editing Academy Award

Comedy is a frequently overlooked genre when it comes to prestigious awards, but Jackass Forever proves that it takes a lot of effort to effortlessly look foolish.

Jackass movies are, at their core, just compilations of stunts. The Jackass crew, and their various assorted guests, injure, embarrass, prank, and debase themselves for 90 minutes straight in a series of sequences which run the gamut from the elaborate – a hidden-camera prank where Johnny Knoxville in old-man make-up gets launched through a furniture store roof by employee Zach Holmes – to the dirt-simple – Chris Pontius drinking a jar of pig semen. That’s it. No matter how creative the set-ups and executions of people getting punched in the penis, this should by all rights get repetitive, exhausting or outright dull before we even reach the halfway mark.

In actuality, that hypothetical never arrives. Whilst some credit is certainly due to the Jackass guys and gals for coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to cause each other pain, the real stars of the show are director Jeff Tremaine’s team of editors: Matthew Kosinski, Matthew Probst, and Sascha Stanton-Craven. On macro and micro levels, these three are a key component as to why Forever ended up as the funniest comedy of 2022.”

Full article exclusively on Little White Lies (link).

Callie Petch only had a Corona, five-cent deposit.

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