Stuck – Freak Frequency

The Chicago post-punk band’s sophomore brings the fun to our late-capitalist apocalypse.

“You do not need me to tell you that we are drowning in a sea of post-punk-influenced acts nowadays.  A seemingly endless tide of talk-singing four-pieces aiming to make Very Important Statements about The State of Things Today, or show off their highly-advanced technical chops at the expense of ‘songs’ and ‘hooks.’  And whilst it’s true that many of the post-punk forebearers these acts are indebted to took themselves very seriously, just as many were also having a whale of a time in their music getting a bit goofy or delivering their messages with an inviting cheekiness and wink of the eye.  XTC, The Fall, even a lot of Clash songs invite the listener in less via deathly austere music delivered by slam poets at a university open mic night and more by high energy boppy tunes whose words are wryly delivered with charming fun.

Many bands of this scene treat ‘goofy’ and ‘fun’ as four-letters words.  Not so, Chicago-based four-piece Stuck.  Their sophomore LP, Freak Frequency, is proudly goofy and as dramatically overblown as a guitar-bass-drums-vox set-up can get.”

Full review exclusively on Soundsphere Magazine (link).

Callie Petch has been on hold for an hour and now you’re telling them they have to start from the beginning?!


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