The Writer

The writer: Callie Petch.

Callie Petch has been writing about things online since 2010.  Primarily trading in film, they’ve also been extending their specific empathetic, knowledgeable yet witty and critical talents into writing about music, TV, videogames, mental health, sometimes comics, and really anything that takes their fancy.  They were one of the main contributors to main-site content on Screened.com from its transition into a user-driven site in mid-2013 until its eventual closure in March of 2014, contributed heavily to the movie blog Failed Critics afterwards, and now frequently provide content and minor editorial oversight for independent pop culture website Set the Tape.  They’ve also been a regular guest on the successful Failed Critics Podcast, co-hosted the weekly film review show Screen 1 with Lucy Meer for the university radio station formerly known as Hullfire Radio, and before that was a member of The Screened Pupcast.

Here, you will find an almost complete archive of their work from 2013 onwards plus the occasional exclusive piece not made for any other website, such as the weekly music retrospective series We’re #2!.

The Content

  • Best/Worst: This is where you’ll find any articles pertaining to a Best of/Worst of list. Also contains the extensive Listmas series that occur in late-December/early-January of each year.
  • Festivals: Coverage of various festivals they have attended, predominately the yearly excursions to the BFI London Film Festival.
  • Film Editorials: Whether they’re focussed on trends and developments in the larger Film world, or are deep-dives into films heavy on the spoilers and analysis (either recent or old), this is where a lot of the non-review film articles can be found.
  • Screen 1: A now-discontinued weekly university radio show, co-hosted with Lucy Meer, dedicated to film reviews and news. 70-and-a-third of the show’s 75 episodes were successfully archived for posterity and can be listened to via their embedded Mixcloud uploads on here, many with the original music intact.
  • The DreamWorks Animation Retrospective: Throughout mid-2014 to early 2015, the writer set about the task of watching and writing about the films of DreamWorks Animation in honour of the studio’s 20th anniversary.  What resulted were 35 weeks, 31 articles, and over 100,000 words dedicated to one of the most important animation studios of the 21st century.  Originally posted to Failed Critics, you can now find them here.
  • US Box Office Reports: Prime weekend Box Office analysis washed down with a healthy dosage of snark and terrible puns.
  • We’re #2!: A (usually) weekly series dedicated to examining the history of UK #2 singles.
  • What I’ve Been Watching: An infrequent series covering a week in the viewing life of the writer.  Mixes reflections on their mental health and direction of the website with bite-to-medium-sized critical write-ups of the films (and sometimes television seasons) they have seen.

The Contact Info

Callie Petch is readily available to produce content for your website or other such medium.  If you want to hire their services for negotiable fees, then they can be contacted via email at petchca@aol.com.

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